Good posture is one of the basic ways to avoid muscular aches and pains and its really simple.  So to bring some awareness to things that you may or may not be doing we have put together a short list of things that you can do to maintain posture.  You may have heard it before however sometimes we all need to be reminded.

  • When you are sitting, keep both feet on the floor, avoid crossing your legs or sitting on a foot.    This will make your lower back and hips happier.
  • Try to have the mouse and phone close to you so you are not having to reach for them when you use them.  Your arms and shoulders will appreciate it.  
  • Avoid holding your phone between your ear and your shoulder.  This is one of the major contributors to neck pain and sometimes headaches.  
  • Have the top of the computer level with your eyes, something good for your neck.   
  • Sit upright with your back supported.   Avoid slouching or leaning to one side.  Your back will thank you for  it.
  • Lastly to those of you who use more than one computer screen, turn your body to look directly at the each screen instead of simple turning your neck or discomfort is likely to follow.   Your neck will be grateful.

Try these small things and feel the difference they make.  You and your muscles will be pleased that you did.