Myotherapy in Richmond

Myotherapy focuses upon alleviating pain and restoring the muscles to their optimal movement and mobility. Your myotherapist assesses muscle injury and dysfunction to identify, treat and eliminate the source of the pain. 

Techniques used during a myotherapy session may include deep tissue massage, dry needling, stretching, trigger point therapy and cupping. After the treatment you may receive some strengthening / stretching exercises to further assist in recovery. 

Myotherapy is ideal for treating: 

  • muscle strains
  • back pain
  • shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder
  • chronic overuse syndromes including RSI
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel
  • shin splints
  • assists in rehabilitation

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Health Funds

Naturally U therapists are professionally qualified and have registration with the Health Funds, including Medibank, Australian Unity, BUPA , HCF and more. As each therapist must register with the health funds individually please confirm with your individual therapist that they are covered by your chosen health fund.

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