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Visit us instore to see our great range of gifts to spoil yourself or someone special. At Naturally U we have a wonderful range of salt lamps, crystal pebbles and some collector crystals as well as candles, wheat bags and spikey balls. So next time you are looking for something a bit special and a bit unique visit us and see what we have in store. These are just a few highlighted below.

Salt and Selenite Lamps

Salt and Selenite Lamps

Light up your room with our range of Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps. 
Salt lamps give off a beautiful soft glow that helps to create a relaxing ambience and bring many benefits including improving the quality of air and reducing the effects of electric magnetic waves from wifi and mobile phones. 

Selenite Lamps provide a lovely delicate light that will make any room feel peaceful and calm.  
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An amazing range of collectible crystals as well as crystal pebbles can be found at Naturally U.

The range has some common crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Carnelian, whilst also offering some lesser known and beautiful crystals such as Kyanite, Veiled Quartz
and Apatite.

Visit to see the range for yourself. PS: When you stop by ask about our Reiki and Crystal Courses.
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Not-so-traditional Baby Gifts

Tired of giving the same old gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby, well look no further.

Naturally U offers less traditional gifts for babies including our beautiful heart dreamcatchers, warmies (stuffed toys that are also wheat bag) and salt lamps (ideal for feeding the baby without the harsh overhead lighting).

There are more ideas in-store so pop in and explore for yourself.
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Candles galore can be found at Naturally U.  Some are in jars, others standalone works of art and all have a beautiful aroma that will bring joy and happiness to any household.
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The Something Different Gift

Looking for a gift that is a bit different, bit unique.  Then look no further.  There are singing bowls, eye pillows, tea light candleholders, journals, soaps and much more. 

Our product range is always changing so pop in and see what is new in-store.  
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Therapeutic Products

Discover our range of therapeutic products at Naturally U, from salts for the bath, to wheat bags and Zen spray a natural anti-inflammatory

(Tip: when I can’t get in for a massage, Zen is wonderful as is a long soak in a salt bath.)
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Perfume your house Rachael White Aromatherapy and invite the Archangels into your home to nourish and uplift the body, mind, soul and space. These beautiful oils are used in Healing Fusion and Reiki Treatments at Naturally U.

Beautiful Shemana Crystalline Therapy Skincare can be found at Naturally U. This wonderful range of products nourishes from skin to spirit and contain Organic Botanical Oils, Pure Essential Oils, Native Flower Essences and more. These wonderful oils form the basis of the Naturally U Signature Massage.

Naturally U also offers a range of electric oil burners and diffusers.
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White sage and Palo Santo are ideal for smudging. Clear the energy your home, your car and your workplace leaving the energy within rejuvenated and lighter.