Healing Fusion

Healing Fusion is a treatment developed by Pauline Burr and is exclusive to Naturally U.   It brings together a number of healing modalities including remedial massage, Reiki, Sekhem and aromatherapy to address physical issues and emotional stress within the one healing consultation in order to provide a greater holistic healing experience for her clients. 

Each treatment is uniquely designed for the specific needs of the client and is done in consultation to ensure the best possible outcome for each treatment.  This treatment is ideal for those who experience the physical symptoms of stress including headaches, lower back pain and/or experiencing great change, emotional trauma, grief, anxiety and depression.


"I often say to Pauline after having a session with her, that she is magic, because she truly is, in every sense of the word.  I love coming to Naturally U for treatment because the space is so wonderful and comforting as soon as you step in.  The Healing Fusion is my favorite session.  I often come to visit Pauline when I am worn out, both physically and energetically.  The combination of essential oils, massage, crystals and reiki attends to all the parts of you that need support and care.  Each aspect it's own little gift.  Pauline is incredibly kind and thoughtful in her sessions, taking time to check in with you so that she can cater her treatment, to bring together the greatest essence of each modality into a beautiful little gift that is exactly matched to you and your needs.  I travel quite a bit and work long hours, and I know I can rely on these sessions to help bring my body back into wholeness.  " Seanna    

" I had the pleasure to have a treatment with Pauline at Naturally U ‘healing fusion’ which left me feeling incredibly light & at peace. The physical tension in my body was relieved and I experienced a very blissful feeling which has carried me through a time of higher stress than usual. I have felt a deeper personal shift towards a more positive state of being which I can only attribute to this experience … for which I am most grateful! " Natasha

"I have been a client of Naturally U for 8 years and recently have been Healing Fusion for life's ups and downs and muscular aches and pains.  Each session I have feel an energy shift which has been soul changing.  My body feels stronger and blockages I have been holding on to have released.  I highly recommend this treatment." Anastasia 

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Health Funds

Naturally U therapists are professionally qualified and have registration with the Health Funds, including Medibank, Australian Unity, BUPA , HCF and more. As each therapist must register with the health funds individually please confirm with your individual therapist that they are covered by your chosen health fund.