Mindfulness and Guided Meditation in Richmond

Richmond Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Meditation both relax the body quickly and calm the mind creating inner peace. It is ideal for helping to manage anxiety and stress by restoring the body to balance.

Some of the benefits you may experience include:

  • improved health and sleep
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • enhanced performance and creativity
  • deeper concentration and clarity of mind

At Naturally U we use a range of simple and widely-practised meditation techniques, including breathing meditations, visualisations and mindfulness. These techniques can be used anywhere anytime so you can practice meditation where ever you are.

Our meditation groups are small and personal allowing for individual attention as required and the development of supportive relationships with the teacher and the participants. In addition to this all our meditations for the course are recorded and provided to participants on a weekly basis. This allows you to practice meditation between sessions and ensures that if you are unable to attend a week of the course you still get to participate in the whole course.

Not able to attend the next session? Register your interest in our next course by sending us a contact form.


Meditation Courses

Note: Course sizes are small so bookings are essential.
Guided Meditation Course
Facilitator: Pauline Burr
Date: Date: Monday 16th October at 7.30pm
Duration: 7 weeks
Class Size: Up to 8 people

Discover the benefits  of meditation and how it can increase the level of peace and harmony in your life within a supportive and nurturing environment at Naturally U. Whether you are a beginner or experienced at meditation you will find this course helpful in grounding, centering and in removing any blocks you may be experiencing.

The meditations will incorporate a number of techniques including visualisation, breathing and singing bowls. Meditation Recordings are provided so you can continue your practice at home.

Meditation for Menopause
Facilitator: Trish Dewberry
Date: Tuesday 14th November at 7.30pm
Duration: 4 Weeks
Class Size: Up to 8 people

A wonderful program combining meditation and hypnotherapy to generate physiological and psychological well-being.

Consisting of  4 one hour super relaxing meditative sessions created just for menopausal women.  The program combines meditation and hypnotherapeutic techniques to alleviate both physiological (hotflushes, night sweats) and psychological (anxiety, irritability, brain fog) effects of menopause.  

Create a calm mind and a cool body while you learn mindful techniques that you can use at home to maintain the benefits into the future.

Working with Angels
Facilitator: Pauline Burr
Date: Wednesday 15th November
Duration: 4 weeks
Class Size: Up to 8 people

Increase the energy of the Angels in your life with this workshop.    

You will discover how to trust and improve your intuition, connect with the ArchAngels and your Guardian Angel, while learning to understand their language.

As you begin to work with the Angels you may notice things seem to flow more smoothly and that you are more trusting and accepting of life's challenges.