Do you want to achieve your highest potential?

Pellowah is a high vibrational healing technique used to extend consciousness and awareness.

Pellowah can help:

  • Acknowledge deep emotional issues
  • Settle busy minds
  • Gain clarity
  • Define the path ahead
  • Realign meridians
  • Expand consciousness
  • Gain energy and vigour for life
  • Promote optimism, inspiration, empowerment and confidence
  • Address long term pain
  • Develop a feeling of deep connectedness

Pellowah does not involve touch. During a 45-minute session, the client is lying down in a relaxed position. As there is a transfer of energy, they may experience tingling, warmth, lightness, twitching of muscles and complete relaxation and calmness.

Pellowah works on the idea of the mind connecting with the body. Often people are drawn to Pellowah when the time is right. A Pellowah practitioner is not a counsellor. Sessions are designed to acknowledge what the client requires at the time. Awareness may occur during the session, immediately after or several days later. The awareness is usually very significant and most beneficial at the time.

Pellowah is a great compliment to other healing modalities, in particular reiki as they work in tandem to assist you to truly connect with yourself.

An initial Pellowah session will last for 45-60 minutes.

  • Subsequent sessions may reduce in time.
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