Reiki In Richmond

Reiki is a deeply relaxing and nurturing form of Japanese energy healing.

Reiki is a truly beautiful treatment that is deeply relaxing and in turn can provide the opportunity for healing physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony. Through Reiki or “laying on of hands” a Reiki practitioner can assist in identifying the underlying emotion or stress so that it can be released to create a free flow of energy through the body so a greater level of peace, harmony and relaxation can be experienced.

Reiki is ideal for those who are experiencing or have gone through an emotionally stressful time and for those who simply wish to bring change to their lives.

Distant Healing

One of the amazing benefits of Reiki is that it can be experienced anywhere and anytime making it a great way to receive treatment when times are too busy and hectic to visit. During these times taking care of yourself is crucial so instead of booking in for a hands on treatment book a Distant Healing treatment that you can receive without interrupting your day.

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Reiki Courses

Working with Crystals

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Every crystal has its own personality and brings its own personal energy to a space or a person, much like each of us really. 

Join us for this fun and interactive course on Sunday 24th June at 1pm to discover which crystals can help you in achieving your goals and how to tap into the personality and energy of each crystal so it can support you.   

Join us for this great course to learn which crystals can help bring abundance into your life, which can help with love or greater understanding of self.   

Discover how to connect with them, cleanse them and program them so that the crystal will work with you.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

All crystals are 10% off on the day.  


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