Yes, crystals are beautiful, they make great ornaments and help enhance any living space in which they are placed.  However crystals are born of the earth and hold the energy of the universe within giving them a powerful energy that once tapped into can be used to enhance your life.   

Each crystal, of which there are hundreds, has its own personality and areas of expertise.    So if you are trying to resolve an issue or have a particular goal you are trying to manifest there is sure to be a crystal or two which can support.  Below is a list of a few common challenges for people and the suggested crystal.

PS: When you purchase crystals remember to cleanse and charge them.   

Then take the time to get to know it.  Hold it in your hands, meditate with it, place it in your pocket or bag.   Over time you will become attuned to it.   Who knows it may even begin to speak in its own way.