We all have habits; some good, some bad; some we know about, others we are unaware of.   When it comes to our body and how we are using it, there are many habits that we can benefit from changing if we know we are doing it.  So what are some of the common postural habits that we see in our roles as massage therapists, that can lead to pain and discomfort?  

1. Holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder.    

This is one of the worst habits you can have and will eventually lead to headaches and neck pain.    Try using a headset if you need your hands free to be doing things whilst you are on the phone or simply hold the phone with your hand.    Your neck & shoulders will thank you for it.

2. Turning your neck in the same direction for long periods of time to look at the computer screen, ipad or TV.   

The angle might only be slight but it is enough for your muscles to accept that this is the  norm to naturally stay in this position.  Try to always be looking at screens directly in front of you so your neck is straight.  (PS: This can be a challenge when lying on the couch)


Sitting with a leg underneath you (or with a wallet in your back pocket).  This little habit seems harmless enough, however it can lead to lower back and hip problems.  This is because you are not balanced or sitting evenly so eventually you may find that one hip is higher than the other.  Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your lower back and hips are sure to be grateful.