For many people Christmas is a stressful time, for some it may be because there too many people to see and too much to be squeezed in.  Often we are so busy doing we forget to enjoy it, so we are actually relieved when Christmas arrives.  Regardless of how you experience Christmas there are some actions you can take to help the silly season be more relaxed and more enjoyable.   Here are some tips:

  1. Remember, Christmas isn’t a deadline, race or competition.  Arrange to catch up with some people after Christmas when it is often more relaxing.  
  2. Find time to exercise. The best time will be in the morning. So get up half an hour earlier and go for a walk or a jog, even some easy stretching will be of benefit.
  3. Drink plenty of water.  With the celebratory drinks and warmer days ensure you are drinking enough water to keep hydrated. You will feel better for it.  And on a night out try alternating a glass of alcohol with a glass of water and see how you feel
  4. Balance your evenings out so that you get adequate rest and sleep.
  5. Take some time for you, time to simply breathe and be
  6. Rejuvenate with massage, acupuncture or reiki.  You’ll feel more energised and it will help manage the stress.
  7. Feel free to say “no” if it is becoming too much
  8. Laugh, have fun and simply enjoy.
  9. Most of all enjoy, give unconditionally and be open to receiving a miracle ’cause you never know what it will be’