MLD or manual lymphatic drainage massage is a very specific form of treatment designed specifically to stimulate and boost the immune system whilst encouraging toxins to leave the body.   It is a gentle and nurturing treatment that can provide effective support for illnesses such as chronic fatigue, glandular fever, irritable bowel syndrome and even the common cold.

The lymphatic system is similar to a river system.  A healthy river system water will flow freely and easily, losing some of its volume naturally to the environment.    However if the river system becomes blocked some water might become stagnant and the river system can become sick.  By helping flush water through the river and removing the blocks, the flow will improve as will the quality of the water.

This too is true of our lymph system by gently encouraging the flow of the lymph fluid throughout the body we are stimulating our immune system and helping it to perform to its best.  We do this naturally with movement.   However there are times when the lymph system too needs a little help and this is when lymphatic drainage is of great support.