Gift Vouchers and Membership

Gift Vouchers and Memberships are fantastic ways to give someone else (or yourself!) a healthy gift that keeps on giving!

Gift Vouchers

Your friend or loved one will have the freedom to choose between receive a truly relaxing experience, a treatment to keep them healthy or any of the many other services we offer!

Flourish Massage Membership!

If you’re ready to commit to making your health and wellness a priority then a membership is for you! This membership gives you the opportunity to get a monthly massage treatment to keep your body tuned up and in balance.


Get a 30minute massage every month and 10% off storewide for only $13 per week and a $25 joining fee. Only 10 memberships available!


If you’re busy and can’t make it to your session that month you can pass it onto a friend or family member to use within that month.