If you want more inner peace in your life, having the awareness to see what causes inner conflict and what causes inner peace will allow you to choose peace. You may feel conflicted when you believe/say “you need to do (or not do) something” or you believe/say “there are bad consequences if you do (or don’t do) something”. Conflicted physical communication can include scrunching your face, sighing, groaning, monotone voice, slumping postures, making yourself small and many more.


When you choose to communicate harmoniously you’ll do things because you love them and want to do them now, you’ll also be happy if you don’t do them, but you’ll prefer to do them! You’ll talk about the many resources you have and why you’re grateful for the past, present and future. Your harmonious physical communication can be smiling, laughing, deep slow breathing, an expressive voice and a tall/expansive posture.


You may enjoy playing this game: place a rubber band around your wrist for a week, every time you notice yourself communicating something in a conflicted way, snap the band and spend a moment communicating it in a harmonious way. It might seem challenging or unfamiliar to you at first but when it’s a habit you may find yourself living a wonderful life!

This is my opinion from my personal experience, I do not encourage limiting any thoughts or actions, I encourage awareness and flexibility. Consult a professional to check if it’s right for you.

Stay healthy,

Joel At Naturally U