Functional Release Cupping (FRC) is a new treatment modality that I recently learned and it is now really exciting to bring its benefits to the all of you!    It is an ideal treatment for those who experience back, shoulder or leg pain and/or tension; complex nerve related or spinal pain and for those who regularly exercise.  

So how does it work?   Using myofascial principles, it works with your fascia, connective tissue and muscles to reprogram your nervous system so you can move easier.  This is achieved by combining cupping with passive and active movement to calm the nervous system, reduce pain, increase flexibility and improve your range of motion.

It differs from traditional cupping methods because the best results are achieved with active client participation and it is considered to be a gentler less painful way to treat. 

The results I have seen both during the course and with clients have been amazing leading to significant reductions in, if not completely relieving, pain and restoring body movement to the area of focus.  So if you exercise regularly, have stubborn pain / tension within your back, shoulders or legs then this might just be the treatment for you.

I look forward to assisting you with this new treatment in your next myotherapy treatment!      Elizabeth Tobin, Myotherapist