Over the past 12 years Pauline has been continually committed to her professional development and now has a strong foundation in many healing modalities from massage, dry needling and lymphatic drainage to Reiki, meditation and basic counselling to aromatherapy and bush flower essences. 

In recent years Pauline has blended these healing modalities together in her massage treatments and has found this more holistic approach has lead to better results for her clients. 

Based on this experience a new treatment, Healing Fusion, has now been created by Pauline which combines a range of healing modalities in order to provide a greater holistic healing experience for her clients. 

As each treatment is uniquely designed for every client the consultation will incorporate a discussion of requirements to determine a collaborative approach.   So what might a treatment look like?  Let’s consider a person who experiences headaches due to stress one approach would be to include massage, reiki and aromatherapy another might be to combine massage, dry needling and reiki.  Both options can be supported by take home meditation and flower essences if appropriate.

To book your Healing Fusion experience please call 9429 0290.