Crystals are beautiful objects to look at and over the ages have been considered precious, used to adorn Kings and Queens alike, High Priests and High Priestess as well as utilised by Witches, and Healers.   Such is their power, desire and value.    

Born from the earth, filled with the energy of planet and the universe, and as such each crystal has its own personality and area of focus.  Calling upon their individual energies to support and manifest your life can bring great benefits.   Simply be open to their energy and willing to receive it. 

Crystals are living and growing entities, an attraction to them can lead to personal creativity and understanding.   

Connecting to Crystals

The more you connect with your crystals the more they will support you with their energy so carry them, hold them, talk to them, meditate with them.  Then keep an eye out for the subtle changes and coincidences that may occur..   Below are a few tips that might help you connect with your crystals.  :

Crystals at Naturally U

In addition to our beautiful crystals range, crystals are also incorporated into the Reiki treatments at Naturally U. 

If you would like more guidance as to how to work with crystals register your interest in our Bring your Crystals to Life Course by visiting