Yes we all start the year with great plans and ideas as to how we want to change ourselves and our lives.    We start with a big burst of motivation and energy completely focussed on our goal.  Then slowly life returns to normal and the holidays become a distant memory, at this point our focus can somewhat diminish until the resolutions and plans we made also become a memory.

Make this year the year you succeed, the year that you implement your plans, ideas and achieve the changes you want in your life.   How?

1. Keep your focus.  Remember focus on what you want not what you don’t want.   

2. Make a vision board and place that where you can see it every day – fill it full of pictures and images that show how you would like life to be.     

3. Identify your thoughts around what you are focussing on.   Are they positive or negative?   See if they need to change at all.

4. If this is something you have tried to do before, this is a different time so it can bring a different result

5. Seek the help you need to succeed, it is amazing what you can do with the right support.