Retaining extra fluid? Needing fat reduction? Don’t want to get liposuction surgery?

Reduce your fat the painless way, no surgery, no scars and no loose skin! 

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Is laser liposuction for you?

If you’ve notice that your weight has gone up and your belly is spilling over the waistline of your pants then it’s time to act. Other signs that you need fat reduction include: 

  • Skin folds appearing
  • A jiggling feeling on your belly as you move
  • Increased sweating and easily being out of breath 
  • Sleeping problems and feeling tired or heavy

How does Laser Liposuction work?

It uses low energy laser emitters and receivers to focus the lasers on your abdominal fat. The laser emitter/receivers are placed evenly around your abdomen for an hour. This ends up slowly and safely melting the fat and causing the surrounding skin to shrink and tighten.

The results aren’t instant because it takes your skin a couple of days to tighten and about 2 weeks for your body to fully remove the melted fat. The results will last indefinitely when coupled with healthy eating and exercise. The more fat you wish to melt the more treatments you will need and the further spaced out they will be. On average you will need 2-3 sessions.