Accelerate Your Recovery: The Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cosmetic Surgery Patients
Written by Joel Phillips
Published on Jul 3, 2023

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Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an exciting decision that can enhance your confidence and rejuvenate your appearance. Whether it’s a facelift, liposuction, or breast augmentation, it’s important to prioritize your post-surgical recovery to achieve optimal results. Alongside post-operative care, incorporating manual lymphatic drainage (MLD, also known as lymphatic drainage massage) into your recovery plan can make a significant difference in reducing swelling, improving healing, and accelerating your overall recovery process. In this blog, we’ll explore how MLD benefits cosmetic surgery patients and provide you with some essential tips for a successful recovery.

lymphatic drainage massage before cosmetic surgery

Pre-Surgery Preparation

To ensure the best outcomes from your cosmetic surgery, it is recommended to schedule 2-3 lymphatic drainage massages prior to the procedure. These pre-surgery massages help prepare your body by stimulating lymphatic nodes, clearing lymph fluid, and promoting detoxification. By clearing the lymphatic system of toxins and reducing fluid in your subdermal space, you achieve three things:

  1. Get better results with less scarring of surgical lines
  2. Allow for a smoother and quicker recovery
  3. Clean toxins and inflammatory particles for healthier skin

girl with cosmetic surgery markings

Immediate Post-Surgery Benefits

Following your cosmetic surgery, the immediate post-operative period is crucial for managing swelling and promoting healing. This is where MLD shines. Lymphatic drainage massages during this phase can significantly reduce swelling, bruising, and discomfort. The gentle, rhythmic strokes of MLD facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluid, helping to flush out toxins and excess fluid from the surgical area. This reduces swelling, supports tissue regeneration, and enhances the overall healing process.

How many sessions you will need depends on what type of surgery you had and how effective your lymphatic system functions. On average, it’s recommended to get 4-8 sessions after your surgery, and if this sounds too expensive for you, we have some options on this page in the way of discounts and gift vouchers to make it affordable for everyone.

lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery

The Importance of Compression Garments

In addition to receiving MLD, wearing a compression garment is highly recommended after cosmetic surgery. Compression garments provide gentle pressure:

  • Improving subdermal lymphatic drainage
  • Improving deep lymphatic vessel function
  • Reduce inflammatory fluids escaping the blood capillaries

They offer support to the surgical site and help prevent the accumulation of lymphatic fluid. Always follow your surgeon’s guidelines regarding the use of compression garments for your specific procedure.

Hydration and Rest

Proper hydration is essential throughout your recovery journey. Drinking plenty of water with sufficient salt does three important things:

  1. When your body is well hydrated, then it doesn’t need to hold onto water in your tissues and at the healing sites.
  2. To heal wounds and inflammation, your body uses water as a basic component to make more blood and cells.
  3. As a result of clearing lymph fluid and inflammatory particles from your tissues, your body will expel them in the form of urine. So plenty of water ensures optimal and continuous detoxification.

It is also important to get ample rest during the initial stages of recovery to allow your body to heal. Listen to your body’s signals and give yourself the rest you need when you need it.

Light Exercise for Enhanced Recovery

While rest is important, engaging in light full-body exercises periodically throughout the day can be beneficial for your recovery. Low-impact activities such as walking or swimming:

  • Promote lymph drainage
  • Retain muscle strength
  • Maintain joint mobility
  • Preserve balance and control
  • Decrease pain sensitivity
  • Help prevent blood clots

However, always consult with your surgeon before starting any exercise regimen and follow their specific guidelines.


Incorporating manual lymphatic drainage into your post-surgical recovery plan can significantly enhance your healing process and ensure optimal results from your cosmetic surgery. Preparing your body with pre-surgery massages and receiving regular MLD sessions immediately after the procedure helps reduce swelling, promote tissue regeneration, and accelerate overall recovery.

Additionally, wearing compression garments, staying well-hydrated, resting, and incorporating light exercise all contribute to a successful recovery. To read more about lymphatic drainage massage and how it work visit our Manual Lymphatic Drainage info page.

Remember to consult with your surgeon or suitably qualified lymphatic therapist to guide you through this transformative journey. Our team of highly qualified therapists is here to help you achieve the level of health you need to live the lifestyle you desire!

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As a passionate and genuinely caring therapist, I take immense joy in assisting a diverse range of clients with their unique needs. With a comprehensive background in various massage therapies, corrective exercises, and lifestyle alteration techniques, I am committed to helping you achieve your highest level of health.