Remedial Massage

Let us help you to return your body to its optimal health with Remedial massage.  Remedial massage is designed to be a remedy to relieve short and long term soft tissue injuries where there is pain or loss of movement.

The initial treatment includes a consultation and assessment of the presenting injury to determine which muscle groups will need specific work done on them. 

Once the muscle group is identified a treatment plan outlining the techniques to be used is developed and rehabilitation exercises including stretches are provided. 

Oils for reducing inflammation, such as rosemary and peppermint, are combined with the most effective techniques for the injury including trigger point therapy, myofasical release, cupping and or transverse friction to achieve the best result possible for you.

Remedial massage can assist with: 

Sports Massage

Whether you are in training for a marathon, cycling event or simply enjoy social sports a sports massage can assist in preparing for an event and recovering from an event.

It is also an ideal way to help relieve tired and sore muscles, release lactic acid build up and prevent sporting injuries such as muscle strains and tears.

Employing a range of massage techniques including deep tissue massage, stretching and transverse friction our qualified massage therapists will assist you in achieving your goal.

Sports massage at Naturally U can assist you with:

Premium Relaxation

A relaxation massage restores your sense of wellbeing, reduces tension and increases your sense of vitality.

Employing long, gentle strokes that are applied in a rhythmic and flowing manner a relaxation massage stimulates your skin and nervous system by improving blood circulation leaving you feeling as if you are floating on air.

To add an extra level of nurturing and enhance the massage, Young Living Essential oils can be added to the massage to work on the emotional causes of the physical tension. Simply ask your therapist.

Taking some me time for a relaxation massage can bring a number of benefits including:

Signature Massage

Our signature massage makes for a wonderful gift with which to spoil a loved one or even yourself.

Capturing the essence of Naturally U this rejuvenating massage focuses on connecting your whole body to increase your sense of harmony and relaxation.

Choose between two beautiful oils, Shemana Dream oil and Shemana Heart oil to add that special something to this already luxurious treatment.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant Mums. It can also be physically and emotionally demanding. The body is constantly changing to accomodate a growing baby and in preparation of the birth itself. On an emotional level hormones are changing and Mums to be are preparing for a new way of life. 

Naturally U’s pregnancy massage is emotionally and physically balancing in order to create a greater sense of health and wellbeing during this special time. During your treatment pregnancy friendly oils specific to each trimester are used to enhance your relaxation as well as improve skin and sleep quality. Whilst supportive pregnancy massage cushions are used to allow you to lie on your stomach throughout the massage, providing added enjoyment and comfort to your experience. 

The following conditions are often addressed during a Naturally U pregnancy massage: