Myotherapy and Dry Needling

If you’ve been having a specific problem or injury then Myotherapy is for you. 

Let us help you recover and become an even stronger version of yourself!

Is myotherapy right for you?

If you’ve been having a problem or injury involving muscles then Myotherapy can definitely help you. Myotherapy can also treat non-muscular injuries but it’s a little complicated.

See, there are many types of injuries that can occur in the body. This includes:

  • Muscle knots and tears
  • Tendon strains
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Nerve compression and stretch irritation
  • Disc and bursa compression
  • Facet joint injuries
  • Cartlidge injuries


During your Myotherapy Treatment you can expect to:

  • Get a thorough postural and movement assessment to establish the cause of your injury
  • Get trigger point therapy and dry needling specifically designed for you and your injury

  • Get corrective exercises, postural cues and stretches to speed up your recovery

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