The Heart Of Winter

We are well and truly in the middle of winter, it’s cold, it’s wet and it gets dark very early. People every year dread the cold mornings and the short days that come with winter but there’s plenty to love about winter too. I love wrapping myself in layers of warm blankets and reading a good book. Then at other times, nothing beats watching movies with friends and family.

Winter is about appreciating the indoors, drinking hot tea and feeling cosy while it rains and freezes outside. I also love covering myself in a cocoon of clothing and walking outside. I am taken by surprise every time I feel the cold air in my lungs. And when I’ve finished my walk my whole body is buzzing with warmth again. Each season has a unique experience. We willingly open ourselves up to each experience. Then we can cherish many more memories all year round!

Acupuncture with Melanie!

After taking time off Melanie is returning to work on Wednesdays starting next week on the 15th of July! Melanie is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This encompasses a variety of techniques including acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, massage and moxibustion.

This is great for treating stress, anxiety, musculoskeletal pains, digestive complaints, headaches, migraines as well as boosting general health and well being. To find out more or to book in with Melanie visit this page:

Change and Gratitude

We normally have ups and downs in our lives and with all the changes that have been happening it can take some time to adjust. Sometimes we think we’re doing much worse than we actually are. Take some time now to thank yourself for the ways you’ve been trying to care for yourself. Feel all the gratitude you have for your family and friends. For how they’ve help you become the amazing person you are today. For the many things they taught you!

Remember the tough times that you’ve been through in the past and the strength you found from them. Feel the gratitude for those times. Wonder about the possibilities of the future. The fun times and the tough times ahead, and extend your gratitude to those dreams. Sit in your gratitude for as long as you feel you need to.

Please reach out to us if you need help and stay healthy!

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