Pregnancy Massage in Richmond
Pregnancy Massage in Richmond

Experience the Best Pregnancy Massage in Richmond

We think this is the best pregnancy massage that Richmond (or maybe Melbourne) has to offer. Come down today to experience this essential treatment for yourself.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant Mums. It can also be physically and emotionally demanding. The body is constantly changing to accomodate a growing baby and in preparation of the birth itself. On an emotional level hormones are changing and Mums to be are preparing for a new way of life. 

Naturally U’s pregnancy massage is emotionally and physically balancing in order to create a greater sense of health and wellbeing during this special time. During your treatment pregnancy friendly oils specific to each trimester are used to enhance your relaxation as well as improve skin and sleep quality. Whilst supportive pregnancy massage cushions are used to allow you to lie on your stomach throughout the massage, providing added enjoyment and comfort to your experience. 

The following conditions are often addressed during a Naturally U pregnancy massage:

Alternatively try a relaxation massage.

Select an Experienced Massage Therapist From Our Team

At Naturally U we have assembled a team of experienced massage therapists. They are trained to deliver the highest quality pregnancy massage that money can buy.

We offer both female and male therapists because the comfort and confidence of our valued clients is paramount!

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