Hands up who wants a soul mate relationship!  Its okay no one can see you so you can quietly admit it to yourself.    Soulmate relationships like love itself come in many shapes and forms and often in unexpected ways.   So the chances are you might just have a soul mate in your life already, its simply that you have not realised it.    

We tend to think of soul  mates as our romantic partner, someone who we passionately love.   And yes of course your soulmate can be your partner however they might also be your best friend, a mentor, a family member or even your pet.  

So how do you recognise if you have a soul mate in your life?   A soul mate is someone you share deep bond with, someone who understands you, and someone who will teach you about yourself and help you grow.  In fact their gift to you is helping you learn life’s lessons.    Sometimes a soul mate is in your life for a short period of time just long enough to help you receive the gift that they are there to give ;sometimes they are in your life for a long time to support you and guide you through life only leaving when you are ready to embark on the next part of the journey.   

So on this Valentine’s day, whether you are single or in a wonderful relationship recognise and celebrate all the soulmates in your life.