Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage

Life can be so stressful and busy that sometimes you just need to slow down and relax.

Do you feel anxious and stressed? Do you feel tired and fatigued?

Experience pure relaxation, allow yourself to let go and let us soothe your body!

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show relaxation massage treatments are about

What is Relaxation Massage?

A Relaxation Massage is a massage where the therapist uses long, gentle strokes that are applied in a rhythmic and flowing way. Usually areas like your head, hands and feet become the focus of the massage because they can sense even the lightest touches.

What are the benefits of a Relaxation Massage?

The benefits of a relaxation massage is far more than just feeling relaxed, it also help to:

  • Increase your blood flow and circulation, leaving you feeling lighter
  • Move lymph fluid around your body to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Remove waste products from your muscles to detoxify your body
  • De-sensitises your central nervous system, reducing pain and discomfort
  • Activates your parasympathetic nervous system which decreases your stress and anxiety

What happens during a Relaxation massage?

During a relaxation massage you will experience pure relaxation, a reduction in mental tension and increase your sense of vitality. Because our therapists are highly skilled many people have out of body experiences and feel like they’re floating on air as they walk out. 

You’ll hear gentle rhythmic music and be warm and cosy in the treatment rooms. They have been carefully designed to be as comfortable as possible. By the end of the treatment you’ll feel like sleeping there if you haven’t already fallen asleep during the treatment!

To take your massage to the next level we can use deep heat which warms your muscles or a magnesium blend which relaxes your muscles. Please add a comment when you book online for this special request.

Who benefits most from a relaxation massage for?

A relaxation massage is such an enjoyable and nurturing experience that it attracts many types of people. The people who benefit most have:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Mental tension

What other similar treatments are there?

Lymphatic drainage massage is quite similar because it’s also gentle but focuses more on reducing swelling and detoxifying your body. You can learn more about Lymphatic drainage massage here.

Hot stone massage is another popular relaxation style massage, especially in winter. Heat helps to relax muscles, so you can probably imagine how relaxing this is!

Alternatively you might be looking for a remedial massage if you have some tight areas you want use to get a bit deeper into. Read more about remedial massage here.

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