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Remedial Massage in Richmond
Remedial Massage in Richmond

Could This Be The Best Remedial Massage in Richmond?

Do you have pain or discomfort? Come down to Naturally U for a remedial massage. We think it’s the best remedial massage in Richmond.

Let us help you to return your body to its optimal health with Remedial massage. Remedial massage is designed to be a remedy to relieve short and long term soft tissue injuries where there is pain or loss of movement. 

The initial treatment includes a consultation and assessment of the presenting injury to determine which muscle groups will need specific work done on them. 

Once the muscle group is identified a treatment plan outlining the techniques to be used is developed and rehabilitation exercises including stretches are provided. 

Oils for reducing inflammation, such as rosemary and peppermint, are combined with the most effective techniques for the injury including trigger point therapy, myofasical release, cupping and or transverse friction to achieve the best result possible for you. 

Remedial massage can assist with: 

Alternatively, try a relaxation massage or sports massage.

Select a Therapist From Our Experienced Team

At Naturally U we have assembled a team of experienced and highly professional massage therapists.

In keeping with our purpose of providing quality complimentary healthcare to the community, our massage therapists are trained to deliver superior remedial massage services to our valued clients.

We have both female and male therapists available so you can have an experience that you are most comfortable with.

Join the Community

Our vision at Naturally U is to create a community in the heart of Richmond dedicated to the wellness of people in the local area.

Does this resonate with you? If so, we’d love you to drop by for a cup of tea (our founder is usually working) or attend one of our meetups in Richmond.

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