At Naturally U we have had the honor of working with many Mums to be during conception, throughout pregnancy and beyond.  

It is such a wonderful, exciting and nervous time for parents as they prepare to conceive and welcome a new child into the world.  However it can often be stressful, both emotionally and physically.  

When things don’t go to plan during conception it is an important time to stay positive, healthy and manage any fears that may surface.  

Then once the baby is on their way there is so much for first time parents to learn, so many expectations, so many what ifs and all while Mum’s body is constantly changing and adapting to carry the little treasure.  

By taking some time out to address any body aches and pains and managing stress through massage, reiki and acupuncture can assist you to focus on the joyful experience of pregnancy.  

For us as therapists to be entrusted to support the emotional and physical health of the parents and by default their unborn child during this amazing time is a truly special gift.    Thank you to all those that have allowed us to share the experience, all those that currently are and all those who we are yet to meet.