Our Team at Naturally U

Joel Phillips


I am a passionate and genuinely caring Myotherapist, I enjoy helping clients with chronic pain and those interested in living a healthy pain free lifestyle. I use a balanced management plan of corrective exercises, physical therapy and education with a strong basis of evidence based practice, to get you to your highest level of health. I have personal experience in various sports and I’m driven to build a community of empowered and healthy people who improve to their own full potential!

Over time I have developed a uniquely specific deep-tissue style of treatment which allows for quick effective relief in the shortest time possible. This style of treatment is well suited to physically active clients and athletes, and while it can be painful, it is always necessary, tolerable and precise. Whether you have muscular tightness that seems to never go away or muscular pain, I will work with you to increase your flexibility, reduce your pain and help you live the lifestyle you want!

Andrew Lewis

Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

After completing my studies in Remedial Massage I have worked for many years in the massage industry as both a practitioner and a teacher. Over this time I have increased not only my treatment skills but also my communication skills. 

I felt there was more to develop in connection and awareness of my clients unique bodies and energies. This led me to study Reiki and Aromatherapy and add an extra layer to my treatments. Now when I do a massage or Reiki session clients can feel the connection to the issues in their body and energy, and they can feel the difference afterwards!