This year has proven a challenging year for a lot of people I know, clients, friends and myself included. Yes plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as uncomfortable as it may feel at the time.  

One common theme is that the win-win approach to relationships, personal, work and other seems to have been forgotten.  It appears that many want to win at the expense of another aka a win-loss.   What I find so fascinating about this approach is the hidden truth, a win-loss actually disguises a win-loss-loss, the second loss is the hidden cost to the winner.  It might be a loss of trust, support, friendship from the other person involved or something more tangible.  

After a while if the taker continues to take at the expense of the other the situation will eventually turn into a loss loss.   A sad outcome for all and one that can be avoided.   So when dealing with others, always look for the opportunities to work together.  Both of you will come out on top and the relationship will be stronger for it, trust will be intact and there will be unconditional giving and receiving.  That has to be good for all.