Wait no longer, Remedial and Relaxation Massage have reopened as of Friday (tomorrow)! Joel will be here for you this first week and Andrew Lewis will be returning soon. Jess will be treating on Sunday the 31st of October as her last day as she has found work closer to home. We are grateful for everything Jess has done for us and we will miss her talent at Naturally U. Traditional Chinese medicine with Melanie is available for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you’re needing Chiropractic with Naomi, she has limited spots on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Your safety is important to us, and that’s why our team has decided to reduce the number of practitioners treating at any one time. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that we have a COVIDsafe plan in place. Please only book if you are fully vaccinated. Reschedule your appointment and get a COVID test if you have a fever, cough or any other COVID symptoms. You can get the treatments you’ve been waiting for knowing that we are operating in compliance to the regulations and recommendations of the DHHS and Victorian government. 

What’s this about cute pets getting us ready? Well, you can be sure that we have kept practicing our massage skills because when you have cute pets like Luna (above) it’s hard not to pick them up and give them a massage.


Stay healthy,

Our Team At Naturally U