This time of year we are often asked what we would like for Christmas.  Most of us usually think of clothes, jewellery, hobby equipment.  This year take some time out from the madness to connect to your heart and identify what it is you truly want.   It may not fit in Santa’s sack, it might not be tangible and it may not arrive in time for Christmas but knowing what it is you truly want in life is the first step to creating it.

So how do you cut through the white noise, the distractions and identify what it is you would truly like and how do you bring it into reality.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Give yourself some time just to sit, close your eyes  and breathe into your heart.  What does it feel like?  What can you see sitting in there?  Is there a colour, a shape, a light? Truly connect, feel and see.
  2. Then simply ask yourself what you really want your life to look like, what is it that you would like to create.  You might get an answer straight away or you might experience an aha moment when you least expect it.   Just know it will come freely and easily when it is meant to.
  3. The “aha” moment might come in the form of an image or words however it comes for you is perfect and you will know because it will feel good in every way.
  4. Once you have the “aha” moment the most important thing is to belive in it and know that if you want to make it happen it will.  
  5. Hold your vision, your ‘aha” moment and create it clearly in your mind.   
  6. Then simply take one step at a time to bring it to life.   Start at the beginning and follow the guidance you receive as to when to act, when to wait and if blocks appear on the way that is okay they are there for a reason,  Just go back to the “aha” moment, the vision and let the next step come to you.  
  7. And if you need some help, reiki can be a great place to start.

Remember it is  the season of miracles so what you begin to manifest now might come true so make sure it’s truly what you want.