What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You?
Written by Joel Phillips
Published on Feb 18, 2020

Physical aches and pains can be simply the result of how one uses one’s body. However, there can be an underlying cause related to emotional stress as we often store emotions such as anger, fear, grief, and loneliness in the body. By understanding the causes of emotional stress in people’s lives, the physical representation of this can be better managed.

a person displaying signs of neck and shoulder tension, reflecting common postural issues

For example, a client who comes regularly for neck and shoulder tension due to postural issues one day came in with lower back pain. There had been no warning, no new activity or exercise, and nothing to pinpoint the cause of the new pain from a physical perspective, so the next area we discussed was emotional stress. Lower back pain, from an emotional perspective, generally speaks of a lack of support that might be financial, a change in the family structure or friendship groups, a lack of support at work, or simply feeling alone in what you are trying to achieve. Once these issues were highlighted to the client, they quickly identified what had changed for them in this area of life. With this awareness, we were then able to assist them in relieving the lower back pain with a combination of reiki and massage. This is not to say that the emotional situation had been resolved, but its impact on the physical body had been significantly released.

person receiving a therapeutic massage focused on their back, aimed at alleviating back pain

We often find that chronic issues where many different therapies have been tried to alleviate the condition with minimal results can be the result of emotional stress that occurred at the time when the symptoms first appeared.

When you do get a new or different body ache and pain, take some time to sit, breathe, and connect to it. Ask yourself what color it is, what shape it is, and what emotion is in it. You might just be surprised by the answers you get. Remember, though, it can simply be a response to how you have used your body recently.

What can different body aches and pains suggest from an emotional perspective? Shoulders can reflect taking on too much responsibility or carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders; legs can be about feeling stuck in life and fear of the future, whilst inflexibility or not speaking up can affect the neck.

 Would you like to learn some more? If so, some great reference books are The Secret Language of Your Body, Inna Segal and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Or alternatively, book in for a Healing Fusion treatment at Naturally U which offers a combination of massage and reiki.

Joel Phillips

As a passionate and genuinely caring therapist, I take immense joy in assisting a diverse range of clients with their unique needs. With a comprehensive background in various massage therapies, corrective exercises, and lifestyle alteration techniques, I am committed to helping you achieve your highest level of health.