With so many types of massages available it can be a bit confusing as to which one is the most suitable for you.  Below is a list of our massage treatments and an outline of how each one is designed to meet your needs.

Remedial Massage* – The aim of this massage is to remedy a specific problem.  So if you suffer from headaches, muscular pain (eg: lower back, neck, shoulder), RSI or you have experienced an injury such as a torn hamstring or a wry neck then this is the massage for you.  

Relaxation Massage – The gentle to firm long flowing strokes of this massage relieves general muscle tension and body aches that have developed due to the stress and pressure of a busy lifestyle.  It will help you to release the tension in your body and bring an awareness as to what it feels like for your body to feel relaxed.

Pregnancy Massage* – This massage supports and nurtures the Mum-To-Be during a time when her body is constantly changing and striving to meet the demands of a growing baby.    It can assist in alleviating any physical issues that may arise during pregnancy such as lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome whilst also providing emotional support.                      

Manual Lymphatic Drainage* – This treatment is unique in its approach.   It is a gentle massage that stimulates your lymphatic system in order to improve your general health by eliminating toxins and wastes from the body.  It can assist a number of conditions including Lymphoedema, glandular fever, the common cold, sporting injuries, arthritis, psoriasis, post-op lymphatic congestion or if you are simply feeling lethargic.                                                                     

Healing Fusion – Healing Fusion, exclusive to Naturally U, combines a number of modalities including massage, reiki and aromatherapy to treat the mind body and soul in one treatment to promote health and harmony on all levels.    Specifically designed for each client this treatment may assist anyone experiencing great levels of change, low energy levels, anxiety and high levels of stress.

Signature Massage – This is an indulgent relaxation massage, using Shemana Heart and Dream oils, perfect for when you want that bit extra or just because you deserve some quality “me” time.  An ideal way to spoil family and friends.

* Health Rebates Apply