Here’s the situation. We are offering chiropractic treatments for critical health assistance you need. However Massage therapy, Myotherapy and Chinese Medicine are waiting to return. I’m sure you’re as keen to see our practitioners as we are keen to see you. We are waiting till our professional associations give us the green light. So as soon as we hear the news we can start again we will let everyone know. Meanwhile we’re being patient, using this time to grow and taking a well deserved rest. We hope you are also using this time to grow and rest.

Our cleaning protocols and procedures are updated in accordance with the DHHS standards. Some of these changes include:

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Spring is here! The season has turned and it’s warming up. Prepare for warm sunny days and chirping birds. Our parks and gardens are bursting into life after their sleepy winter slumber. New life and new energy are awakening.

I love spotting the new flowers blooming. Smelling the blossoms brings back cherished memories of my childhood. It reminds me to play and explore. Games and Sports are the way of humans for centuries. They are the ways we have transformed the mundane into so much more. Creativity and imagination are the key ingredients here.

When I use creativity being home bound doesn’t feel like isolation. Imagination gives me freedom to influence the story and the experience around the events. So I shift my focus to the things I can influence. And I accept what happens, with gratitude and curiosity!


You might have experienced more changes this year than any other years. The external world changes and you have to change to keep up with it. Humans are adaptable, but things are changing so quickly. And it doesn’t look like change will slow down. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Are you keeping up? Are you embracing change? How are you finding living with COVID?

I’m not asking you a rhetorical question, I want to know and I’m here to listen. Please feel free to send a reply email or call me on 94290290. You might not feel ready to share with me, but maybe you know a friend you would share with. It’s a shifting time for many people. What are you going to do? Do you know someone who needs support? Could you be there to listen, to encourage action and check in to support them?

Support during these times can take many forms and have big impacts on the lives of others. If ever in doubt, reach out to a healthcare professional. Naomi is our taro reader who can uncover blocks in your life; you can email her at [email protected]

We are committed to providing the best treatments for you and would like any feedback. We are organising a survey to better understand your needs and how we can help you. Look out for our survey soon!

Stay Healthy and Safe.

Kind regards,

Joel P

Naturally U

138 Coppin St, Richmond VIC