Natures healing power
When I start to feel overwhelmed or under pressure I take a walk, I find a green place, I breathe in the fresh air and let nature nurture me! I listen to the sounds around me, I look at the colours and textures around me, I become aware of the smells, I become present.

Being in nature brings you back to earth, the fresh air helps clear your mind and the whole experience is healing. That’s why we’re bringing nature back into Naturally U, we now have some beautiful indoor plants and the fresh energy they bring is noticeable. If your house or office is feeling stale, why not try bringing something green in?

Come in, we’re open!

That’s right we are open, and ready to help you. Tightness caused by working from home and stress from the rapid changes to our daily lives is normal, but it interrupts our lives and we don’t have to keep struggling against it. Massage, acupuncture, stretches and exercises relieving pain and tightness so that you can be a healthier version of yourself and keep living the life you want.

Our experienced team has helped thousands of people and honed our skills over years to offer healing treatments that are specific to you and your needs. We have also increased our hygiene practices and reduced our days, we are open all days except Fridays or Sundays, so visit us at to book online or find out more.

Chiropractic care coming now

We’re proud to announce Dr. Andrew Willmott is joining us and providing chiropractic care at Naturally U. Dr. Andrew will be a great fit for our team because he loves working with families and has a special interest in family-based healthcare, sports rehabilitation and injury prevention. He has done volunteer work with various sporting communities and has travelled to Cambodia providing chiropractic care, so it’s an honour to have him join our supportive community.

Dr Andrew provides a tailored and comprehensive examination and health assessment to meet everyone’s individual health needs. He believes that everyone should experience the benefit of chiropractic care to live a more rewarding and healthier life. Dr Andrew will be starting on the 18th of June working Tuesdays and Thursdays, so be sure to say hello when you’re next in and contact us when you want to make a booking.

That’s all from us, thanks for reading and stay healthy!
138 Coppin St, Richmond VIC